Terms of use

BOACOMPRA S.A., with principal place of business in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, at Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1384, 1st floor, ZIP Code 01451-001, registered with CNPJ/MF under number 06.375.668/0001-08, hereinafter referred to simply as “BOACOMPRA”, and the INDIVIDUAL or LEGAL ENTITY identified in the registration of the electronic database of BOACOMPRA, hereinafter simply referred to as “USERspan>”, hereby enter into this Agreement, which shall be governed by the terms and conditions below, as well as by compliance with BOACOMPRA’S SAFETY AND PRIVACY POLICY, attached hereto as SCHEDULE I, with access through the link [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/gizlilik-politikası].

    1. The following words and terms, when capitalized in this agreement, shall have the following meanings:
      1. Account: this is the account that will be generated and managed on the Page of BOACOMPRA, under the provisions of Clause 3 below.
      2. Content: includes all Games, Products, software, communications, marketing, pictures, sounds and other materials published on the Website.
      3. Gold Credit, or simply “Gold”: this is the virtual currency used on the Website for you to purchase Products.
      4. Games: means all electronic games licensed by third parties to BOACOMPRA, which can be bought by their users through BOACOMPRA payment management service.
      5. Payment: payment shall mean the acquisition of Gold Credit or Products or articles related to Products, in the following ways: (i) bank-issued invoice, for deposit in a bank account held by BOACOMPRA; (ii) a valid credit card issued by a card brand accepted by BOACOMPRA, owned by the USER; (iii) by way of Deposit or Wire Transfers made in accordance with the instructions available on the website of BOACOMPRA, which can be changed at the sole discretion of BOACOMPRA; and (iv) by any other means of payment accepted and provided by BOACOMPRA, including, but not limited to, PagSeguro, among others, where users may pay by using the various options of credit cards, as well as funds from account; (v) through redemption of Gold Credits, by using Pin Codes, used according to the specifications set forth by means of the corresponding payment. The methods of payment accepted may be subject to limitations as provided in this Agreement.
      6. Partner: legal entity or individual that holds title to and/or rights of publication and/or operation of the Products.
      7. Pin Code: means a unique personal identification number, which will be pre-activated and can be used for redemption of Gold Credit for the acquisition of goods or services in Products directly from BOACOMPRA or through the Partner, and may be used, also, in some other means of payment accepted by BOACOMPRA. Each Pin Code is unique and shall be used in accordance with specific standards.
      8. Privacy Policy: this is the privacy policy stated at the beginning of these Terms of Use.
      9. Products: means the Games, virtual goods and services provided by them, software and applications marketed by the Partners and that can be bought by you through this Website.
      10. Service Log: file where BOACOMPRA records the Gold Credits of a User of its services and its transfers. The Service Log can also be designated by the name “Account” in the user registration forms that BOACOMPRA makes available on the Internet.
      11. Service: shall have the meaning given by Clause 2.1 below.
      12. User: the user of the Services of BOACOMPRA who has registered with BOACOMPRA by completing and submitting to BOACOMPRA the registration form which is at [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/kayıt].
      13. Website: is the web page to be accessed by the User to buy the Gold Credits, located at URL [https://go4gold.com/].
    1. BOACOMPRA, by itself or through a company hired by it or associated with it in any way, for which it takes responsibility, shall provide the USER with, through digital means of information transmission, its brokerage service through payments, enabling the purchase and use, by the USER, of products and services offered on the website and/or in the Products, which can be directly accessed by Users or redirected from the BOACOMPRA Website (“Service”).
    1. The USER will assign a name (“Login”), which may be its own name or a made-up name, a private secret password and a personal email, which will work as its ID and access key to use the Account within BOACOMPRA. The Login and password can also be used for the User’s access to the UOL portal, a company of the BOACOMPRA group, as well as to use Gold Credits and access the Go4Gold program offered by BOACOMPRA.
      1. The private passwords shall be the full and exclusive responsibility of the USER, which is why they may be amended at any time by the USER. The USER shall be responsible for the safekeeping of private passwords in strict secrecy, henceforth exempting BOACOMPRA from any responsibility for misuse of those passwords by third parties who have access to them as a result of action or omission of the USER.
    2. Logins that make any reference, in whole or in part, to BOACOMPRA, to Universo Online (“UOL”), and/or to the product names thereof, without prejudice to the above, shall not be accepted, and may be canceled at any time and regardless of prior notice, although the chosen Login also represents the initials or any combination of the name of the USER.
    3. The USER shall properly choose the Login, as defined in Clause 3.1 above, aware that the USER may not register a name that disregards the laws in force, which induces others to mistake, which violates the rights of others, which represents predefined concepts in the World Wide Web (“Internet”), which is profanity or abusive, which symbolizes acronyms of States, Ministries, among other prohibitions, it being understood that the USER shall be liable for misuse, if any, both civilly and criminally.
    4. The Login and private password are nontransferable and may not be subjected to any type of marketing or assignment of use, where the USER shall take full and exclusive responsibility, without any joint and several liability with BOACOMPRA.
    5. In case of misuse of the Login and/or privacy password, by the USER or third parties, BOACOMPRA may terminate this Agreement, regardless of prior notice, without the USER or third parties being entitled to any compensation or reimbursement.
    1. The USER shall inform BOACOMPRA of all the necessary data for registration, pledging to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about itself, at the time of registration, and shall be responsible civilly and criminally for this information.
      1. The USER represents to be aware that the use of false, invalid, incorrect or third party data with or without their consent is under its full responsibility, and that it could result, in all cases, in the IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION OF THE ACCOUNT, WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION, and, further, characterize the practice of tort, being subject to the penalties provided by law.
    2. The USER expressly authorizes the registration referred to in Clause 4.1 to be made and maintained by BOACOMPRA, and authorizes BOACOMPRA to provide the information contained in such registration: (i) to the relevant government authorities which may formally request them, or as otherwise authorized pursuant to Law 12965/2014 (“Civil Rights Framework for Internet Use”), the Brazilian Federal Constitution and other applicable laws; (ii) the bodies of domain name registration; and (iii) their strategic, commercial and technical partners, in order to offer better conditions of Services to the USER. Furthermore, THE USER EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT BOACOMPRA MAY COLLECT INFORMATION FOR TRAFFIC MONITORING, IN ORDER TO IDENTIFY USER PROFILE GROUPS AND FOR ADVERTISING GUIDANCE.
    3. The USER shall inform BOACOMPRA whenever changes are made to registration information, including, but not limited to, any change to address, as well as changes in telephone numbers, emails or name of contact person, which should be informed through any of the means provided by BOACOMPRA for customer service.
    4. All of USER’s registration information stored by BOACOMPRA are maintained confidential, except for those information provided to the financial institution responsible for the transfer and/or payment of the Service, including, but not limited to, the information used for remittance of payment and performance of the Service.
    1. To access the Service, the USER shall have the necessary equipment, including, but not limited to: a computer connected to the Internet; Internet connection provider; software, among others. The USER is solely responsible for obtaining, maintaining and costing of the equipment mentioned in this Clause 5.1, as well as for making sure that the setting of such equipment actually meets all the requirements for the proper enjoyment of the Service. The USER shall be solely responsible for any damage that its equipment may suffer as a result of misuse of any hardware, software, connections, etc.
    2. Given the INABILITY TO UNINTERRUPTEDLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY OPERATE ANY TELECOMMUNICATIONS OR COMPUTER SYSTEM, three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year, twenty-four (24) hours per day, where this fragile situation also includes, because of its complexity, the availability of the Service, including by reason of reliance on telecommunications services provided by third parties, BOACOMPRA DOES NOT GUARANTEE, IN ANY WAY, THE PROVISION OF SERVICE UNINTERRUPTEDLY OR ERROR-FREE, and DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF MAKING E-COMMERCE TRANSACTIONS OR OTHER TRANSACTIONS DURING THE PERIOD OF SERVICE UNAVAILABILITY.
    3. The USER represents to be aware that the Service is not, is not intended to, and does not equate to, financial services offered by banks or credit card administrators, consisting only of a payment management system, which payment arises from E-Commerce Transactions, for and on behalf of the USER, or in cases of mere supply of games and/or other services, even when free of charge.
    4. USER, by this instrument, appoints BOACOMPRA, in an irreversible and irrevocable manner, as its attorney in fact, specially before the financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Brazilian Central Bank (Banco Central do Brasil – BACEN), with special powers to, in all matters relating to and necessary for the completion of the Payments under this Agreement, represent USER, including powers to sign currency exchange contracts and corresponding changes and amendments, performing the related offshore remittances, and all other actions necessary for the performance of this appointment, including total or partial delegation of powers.
    1. In addition to the obligations contained in this Agreement, the USER agrees to the conducts and obligations under this Clause 6.
    2. Make, when due, the payment of the amounts of the contracted Services.
    3. Manage, on an exclusive basis, and without any joint and several liability with BOACOMPRA, the Login and the respective private password, taking full responsibility for any use thereof, as well as for actions taken through them, including, but not limited to, economic charges resulting from such use, particularly with respect to data loss, virus contamination, network intrusion, data or information theft, sending offensive emails and/or nuisance to other Internet users and other conducts that would harm other users and/or systems connected to the Internet, as well as any other actions that are at odds with the current legislation.
    4. Refrain from using the product(s), content(s), service(s) and/or license(s) of BOACOMPRA to: (i) breach the law, morals, good customs, intellectual property, rights to honor, privacy, image, personal and family privacy; (ii) encourage the practice of illegal conducts or contrary to morals and good customs; (iii) incite the commission of discriminatory acts, whether on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or any other condition; (iv) make available or provide access to messages, products, or illegal, violent or degrading services; (v) send group messages by email (SPAM) to user groups of this or any other provider, offering products or services of any kind, whether own or third-party products, that are not of interest to the recipients or that do not have the express consent thereof; (vi) induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear; (vii) induce or incite dangerous, risky or harmful practices to health and mental balance; (viii) disseminate false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous content, so that it can be misleading about its subject matter or the intentions or purposes of the speaker; (ix) breach the confidentiality of communications; (x) constitute unlawful, unfair or deceptive advertising in general, constituting unfair competition; (xi) convey, incite or encourage pedophilia; (xii) incorporate viruses or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or prevent the normal operation of the network, system or computer equipment (hardware and software) of third parties or that may damage the electronic documents and files stored in such equipment; (xiii) obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks; (xiv) reproduce, sell and distribute products without permission and payment of royalties.
    5. The USER accepts full and exclusive liability, including, but not limited to, administrative, copyright, electoral, civil and criminal liabilities, for all data, use of the Services, as well as for the content that may be made available on the Internet, and must answer for all damages caused by misuse of the Services contracted. Should BOACOMPRA be compelled to be part of any judicial or administrative proceeding relating to the liability presently assumed by the USER, the USER shall hereby be obliged to reimburse BOACOMPRA for the legal and financial burden that BOACOMPRA may incur, without prejudice to any losses and damages.
    6. Not transmit through the network, internally and/or externally, any program or application that is illegal, malicious or threatening, including virus, worm or SPAM, or any other of a similar nature that BOACOMPRA, in its sole discretion, may find and understand to be at odds with its internal politics, UNDER PENALTY OF IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION AND/OR TERMINATION, WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. The USER declares to be aware of the Anti-Spam Policy of BOACOMPRA available on the website [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/gizlilik-politikası].
    1. In addition to the obligations contained in this Agreement, BOACOMPRA agrees to provide the contents, Services, products and/or licenses in accordance with what was purchased by the USER, and they may possibly be interrupted or suspended because of: (i) technical/operational maintenance; (ii) unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure; (iii) actions by third parties that prevent the use of the Services; and (iv) lack of supply of electricity for long periods of time (“blackout”).
    1. The technical and operational support to the Service shall be made directly by BOACOMPRA or a third party hired by it, under its responsibility. Phone support will be provided through the telephone numbers listed in the electronic address [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/iletişim], without the right to use a toll-free phone system, where the USER shall assume the full cost of local and long distance calls. The support service, delivered by email or online service (“Online Chat”), will be free of charge.
    1. The USER assumes exclusively, without restriction or reservation, all liens and liabilities arising from its acts and its conduct as a user of the Internet network, being responsible for the misuse of the Services contracted herein or made available by BOACOMPRA, and, especially, the responsibility for the acts, damages and losses that may result from failure to comply with the obligations assumed in Clause 6.
      1. BOACOMPRA does not control the content transmitted, disseminated or made available to third parties by the USER in the use of the Services herein contracted. However, if BOACOMPRA were to detect or be notified of any conduct and/or method of the USER that contravenes the provisions of this Agreement, BOACOMPRA, in its sole discretion, shall SUSPEND AND/OR CANCEL THE PLAN CONTRACTED IMMEDIATELY.
    1. The USER expressly agrees that BOACOMPRA and/or any of its Partners send e-mails to the USER for information purposes relating to specific communications regarding the Service, as well as other emails of a commercial nature, such as offers from Partners of BOACOMPRA and news on the website. Should the USER no longer wish to receive such messages, the USER may request the cancellation thereof, through the address [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/iletişim] to request the respective cancellation or by clicking the space available on the message sent by BOACOMPRA.
    1. This instrument shall be valid indefinitely, subject to the rules set out in this Clause 11.
    2. BOACOMPRA may terminate this Agreement, at any time, during the term of the Agreement, subject to prior notification in writing addressed to the USER.
    3. The USER, at any time, may voice its disinterest for the Services contracted herein, and request cancellation through the Customer Service of BOACOMPRA via the link [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/iletişim] as provided in Clause 8 of this Agreement.
    4. This Agreement may be terminated immediately, by operation of law, regardless of any judicial or extrajudicial notice for breach of any provision of this Agreement, by either party, to prevent the continuance of the purpose of this Agreement.
    5. Failure to operate the Account does not imply automatic cancellation of this Agreement, where the USER shall therefore be subject to regular billing of the Services, if any, and the possible consequences of non-payment.
    1. If the USER chooses to make the payment through automatic redirection to the website PagSeguro or other means of payment authorized by BOACOMPRA, the provision of information will take place according to the requirements of such websites, which may include, for example, data from Service Log, login, password and personal data.
      1. If BOACOMPRA shall deem necessary to ensure total safety of the USER and of BOACOMPRA, it may come into direct contact with the USER to verify the information of the transaction made by the USER.
    2. After confirming receipt of the information, as well as conformity of the intended e-commerce transaction, the means of payment authorized by BOACOMPRA will communicate the approval to BOACOMPRA. Upon receipt of approval, BOACOMPRA will release the product(s) and/or service(s) purchased.
    3. If the USER is unable to have access to the product(s) and/or service(s) purchased, or, having access, they are provided with flows or incomplete, the USER shall inform BOACOMPRA immediately, through the mechanisms available at [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/iletişim].
    4. The USER acknowledges that, in case of purchase of product(s) and/or service(s) provided through BOACOMPRA, either directly or through redirection, BOACOMPRA only provides its products and services to merely facilitate and monitor their purchase by the USER. The USER further acknowledges that BOACOMPRA is not part of the supply or consumer chain of the products or services purchased by the USER, and cannot be regarded as a supplier, provider, reseller, purchaser or user of the products or services under the e-commerce transactions, nor shall it be deemed as an agent, broker or any other intermediary in the relationship between the USER and the developer of the Games or Product holder. Especially, the USER acknowledges that BOACOMPRA has no liability as to:
      1. risks, including potential dangers or hazards, defects, whether quality or quantity defects of products or services under the e-commerce transactions of the USER;
      2. insufficiency or inadequacy of the information concerning products or services under the e-commerce transactions of the USER, provided by the developers of the Products;
      3. disparities with the particulars given in offerings or advertisements of products or services under the e-commerce transactions of the USER;
      4. the inadequacy of the products or services under the e-commerce transactions of the USER to the purposes intended;
      5. misleading or abusive advertising for products and services offered by the developers of the Products;
      6. the breach of contractual or legal obligations of the developers or distributors of the Products; and
      7. any refund, return or amounts of any indemnification payment to the USER on account of complaints related to e-commerce transactions made by the USER, acting only as a mere facilitator if the refund service is offered by the developer/publisher of the Product.
    1. Without prejudice to other payment options offered by BOACOMPRA you can buy the Products using Gold Credits that you may acquire.
    2. Through an Account, you can recharge it with Gold Credits in any amounts that are multiples of five hundred (500) Golds.
    3. When buying goods and services of the Products with Gold Credits, they will be debited from your account. You can also receive and transfer Gold Credits to third parties, in accordance with the limitations specified in the exchange interface.
    4. Gold Credit can be bought in three different ways: (i) directly from the Website; or (ii) through cards of authorized partners; or (iii) through authorized retailers, in this case the Gold Credits are provided through security codes (also known as e-PIN) to the user.
    5. The USER acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions of use of Gold Credit:
      • The USER may not sell Gold Credit, and its use is restricted to buy goods and services of the Products or transfer among third parties, in accordance with Clause 13.3, provided that not for commercialization purposes; and
      • The Gold Credit can only be used within the country of purchase. Nonetheless, Users may make transfers of Gold between different countries, aware that, to use Gold as credit for purchases and services offered by BOACOMPRA, they will be restricted to the country of origin of the respective Gold.
    6. The Gold Credit can only be used within the country of purchase. Nonetheless, Users may make transfers of Gold between different countries, aware that, to use Gold as credit for purchases and services offered by BOACOMPRA, they will be restricted to the country of origin of the respective Gold.
    1. This Agreement is entered into on an irrevocable basis, binding the parties and their heirs and successors, in any capacity.
    2. The parents or guardians of an underage USER, as the case may be, shall be liable for acts committed by the USER in the use of the Services under this Agreement, among which any damage to third parties, practices of acts prohibited by law and by the provisions Agreement.
    3. The failure of either Party to require performance, totally or partially, of any of the Clauses and provisions of the Agreement, once or repeatedly, shall be construed as mere liberality, not resulting in novation, waiver, dation, transaction, remission and/or offset or, further, nor shall it deprive the other party’s right to require strict compliance with contractual obligations, at any time.
    4. This Agreement shall be governed by Brazilian law.
    5. The rights and obligations hereunder shall not be assignable by the USER, under penalty of termination of this Agreement, at no cost to BOACOMPRA. On the other hand, BOACOMPRA may assign this Agreement at any time.
    6. The USER expressly agrees that BOACOMPRA shall send e-mails and text messages (SMS) to the cell phone registered in the database of BOACOMPRA for information and specific communications inherent in the subject matter of this Agreement and/or any Services and Offers offered by BOACOMPRA.
    7. The USER expressly represents and warrants, for all legal purposes:
      • to have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement;
      • to be financially responsible for the use of the Services contracted AND HAVE FINANCIAL CONDITIONS TO BEAR THE PAYMENTS, COSTS AND EXPENSES ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT;
      • acknowledge that this Agreement is formalized, as applicable, binding the parties, WITH the verbal acceptance by the USER, WHICH TAKES PLACE BY PHONE CALL TO THE CALL CENTER OF BOACOMPRA or by clicking the AGREE button that appears after the screen of this Agreement; and
      • that has read and is aware and in full accordance with all terms and conditions of this Agreement.
    8. Under the terms of this Agreement, the intermediary services of payment method for games, products and/or services purchased on the website are provided by BOACOMPRA.
    9. BOACOMPRA reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions of this Agreement, informing the USER by email or any other electronic means when the change shall cause restrictions of the conditions initially negotiated. Should the USER not agree, then the USER may cancel the Agreement, at no cost, within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the communication.
      1. Similarly, BOACOMPRA reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change both in form and in content, discontinue, suspend any of the Services, utility or application, available by itself or by third parties, provided that the USER is notified in advance, via email or any other electronic means, without causing any breach to this Agreement. Should the USER not agree, then the USER may cancel the Agreement, at no cost, within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the communication.
    10. By accepting these Terms of Use, the USER becomes aware that BOACOMPRA is a subsidiary of UOL Group and, therefore, BOACOMPRA (including its products, such as Gold Credits) must follow the same rules and guidelines of UOL, including the commitments made between UOL and government agencies, previously existing or that may be signed.
      1. Under the Cooperation Agreement signed between UOL and the Prosecution Office of São Paulo in November 2005, UOL, reiterating the terms of its Privacy and Security Policy and this Agreement, informs that its Products and Services should not be used to transmit, disseminate or promote child pornography, pedophilia, racist material, discriminatory material or any other material that goes against the current Brazilian law.
    11. This Agreement is signed in both Portuguese and English versions and the Portuguese version shall prevail to settle any doubts or controversies arising from the present Agreement.
    1. The parties elect the Courts of the Judicial District of São Paulo or the Courts of the Judicial District of domicile of the USER, at the discretion of the plaintiff of any action, as having jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising under this Agreement, to the exclusion of any other, however privileged it might be or become.

Kullanım Koşulları

BOACOMPRA S.A., Şirket merkezi São Paulo Şehri, São Paulo Eyaleti’ndeki Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1384, 1. kat, ZIP Code 01451-001, CNPJ/MF’ye 06.375.668/0001-08 numarasıyla kayıtlı bundan sonra kısaca “BOACOMPRA” olarak anılacak ve BOACOMPRA’nın elektronik veri tabanındaki kayıtta tanımlanan ve bundan sonra “KULLANICI” olarak anılacak GERÇEK veya TÜZEL KİŞİLER işbu Sözleşme’yi aşağıdaki hüküm ve şartlar dahilinde ve bu linkten sayfasına ulaşılabilecek EK-I, BOACOMPRA GİZLİLİK POLİTİKASI’yla [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/gizlilik-politikası] uyumlu olarak akdetmişlerdir.

    1. Aşağıdaki kelime ve terimler, bu Sözleşme’de büyük harfle yazıldığında yine aşağıda belirtilen anlamları haiz olacaktır:
      1. Hesap: İşbu Sözleşme’nin 3. Maddesi hükümleri kapsamında BOACOMPRA Sayfası’nda oluşturulup yönetilecek olan hesaptır.
      2. İçerik: her türlü Oyun, Ürün, yazılım, iletişim, pazarlama, resim, ses ve Site’de yayınlanan sair materyalleri içerir.
      3. Gold Kredisi, ya da Kısaca “Gold”: Site’de Ürünler’i satın almak için kullanılan sanal para birimidir
      4. Oyunlar: BOACOMPRA’ya üçüncü kişiler tarafından lisans verilmiş olup BOACOMPRA ödeme yönetimi hizmeti üzerinden satın alınabilen tüm elektronik oyunlar anlamına gelir.
      5. Ödeme: Gold Kredisi’nin veya Ürünler’in ya da Ürünler’e ilişkin malların aşağıdaki yöntemlerle edinilmesi anlamına gelir: (i) BOACOMPRA’ya ait bir banka hesabına para yatırıldığına ilişkin banka tarafından verilen makbuz; (ii) BOACOMPRA’nın kabul ettiği bir kart markası tarafından çıkarılıp KULLANICI’ya ait olan geçerli bir kredi kartı; (iii) BOACOMPRA’nın web sitesinde yer alıp BOACOMPRA tarafından kendi takdiri çerçevesinde her zaman değiştirilebilecek olan talimatlara uygun şekilde yapılan Para Yatırma veya Havale yolu ile ve (iv) BOACOMPRA tarafından kabul edilen ve sağlanan, diğerlerinin yanı sıra PAGSEGURO da dahil olmak ve bununla sınırlı olmamak üzere kullanıcıların çeşitli kredi kartı seçeneklerini veya hesaptan para çekme yolunu kullanarak ödeme yapabilecekleri, diğer her türlü ödeme yöntemi; (v) Karşılığında yapılan ödeme ile öngörülen özelliklerle uyumlu olarak kullanılan Gold Kredileri’nin Pin Kodu kullanımı yoluyla paraya çevrilmesi. Kabul edilen ödeme yöntemleri işbu Sözleşme’de öngörüldüğü ölçüde sınırlamaya tabi tutulabilir.
      6. Ortak: Ürünler’in yayımı ve/veya işletilmesi konusunda yetkili ve/veya haklarına sahip gerçek veya tüzel kişi.
      7. Pin Kodu: Önceden etkinleştirilerek, Ürünler’deki mal ve hizmetlerin doğrudan BOACOMPRA’dan ya da Ortak aracılığıyla edinilmesi için Gold Kredileri’nin paraya çevrilmesi amacıyla ve ayrıca BOACOMPRA tarafından kabul edilen başka birtakım ödeme yöntemlerinde de kullanılabilen benzersiz bir kişisel kimlik numarası anlamına gelir. Her bir Pin Kodu eşsiz olup belirli bazı standartlara uygun olarak kullanılacaktır.
      8. Gizlilik Politikası: İşbu Kullanım Koşulları’nın başında belirtilen gizlilik politikasıdır.
      9. Ürünler: Oyunlar, Oyunlar tarafından sunulan sanal mallar ve hizmetler, Ortaklar tarafından pazarlanan ve tarafınızdan bu Site üzerinden satın alınabilen yazılım ve uygulamalar anlamına gelir.
      10. Hizmet Günlüğü: BOACOMPRA’nın, Kullanıcı’ya ait Gold Kredileri’ni, bunların hizmet ve devirlerini kaydettiği dosyadır. Hizmet Günlüğü ayrıca BOACOMPRA’nın internet üzerinde sunduğu kullanıcı kayıt formlarında ‘Hesap’ ismiyle de belirtilebilir.
      11. Hizmet: Aşağıda Madde 2.1’de verilen anlama gelecektir.
      12. Kullanıcı: [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/kayıt] adresindeki kayıt formunu doldurup BOACOMPRA’ya göndererek BOACOMPRA’ya kaydolan BOACOMPRA Hizmetleri kullanıcısıdır.
      13. Site: Kullanıcı tarafından Gold Kredileri’ni satın almak için [https://go4gold.com/] URL adresinden ulaşılacak olan web sayfasıdır.
  2. AMAÇ
    1. BOACOMPRA, KULLANICI’ya bizzat kendisi ya da sorumluluğunu üstlenerek görevlendirdiği veya kendisiyle bir şekilde ilişkili olan bir şirket aracılığıyla ve dijital bilgi aktarımı yoluyla, KULLANICI’nın Site’de ve/veya Ürünler’de bulunup Kullanıcılar tarafından doğrudan erişilebilen ya da BOACOMPRA Web Sitesi’nden yönlendirilecek ürün ve hizmetleri satın almasına ve kullanmasına imkân veren ödemeler üzerinden aracılık hizmetlerini sunacaktır (‘Hizmet’).
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    5. KULLANICI, veriler, Hizmet’in kullanımı ve internette bulunabilen içerikler için idari, telif hakkı, seçime bağlı, hukuki ve cezai yükümlülükleri tam olarak ve münhasıran kabul etmekte olup, sözleşmeli Hizmetlerin kötüye kullanımı nedeniyle oluşan tüm zararlardan da sorumlu olacaktır. BOACOMPRA’nın KULLANICI tarafından işbu Sözleşme’nin inikadı anında kabul edilen sorumluluklara ilişkin herhangi bir hukuki veya idari işleme tabi tutulması halinde KULLANICI BOACOMPRA’nın maruz kalabileceği hukuki ve mali yükümleri her türlü kayıp ve zarara dahil tazmin etmekle yükümlü olacaktır.
    6. Virüs, solucan, ya da SPAM veya BOACOMPRA’nın kendi takdiri çerçevesinde iç politikasına aykırı olduğuna kanaat getirebileceği benzer nitelikte her türlü yazılım da dâhil hukuka aykırı, kötü niyetli ya da tehdit oluşturacak nitelikteki herhangi program veya uygulamanın ağa içeriden ve/veya dışarıdan aktarılması ÖNCEDEN BİLDİRİMDE BULUNMAKSIZIN DERHAL ASKIYA ALIM VE/VEYA FESHE TABİ OLUNMASI SONUCUNA YOL AÇABİLİR. KULLANICI BOACOMPRA’nın [https://go4gold.com/tr-tr/gizlilik-politikası] adresinde yer alan Anti-Spam Politikasını okuduğunu beyan eder.
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    1. KULLANICI herhangi bir kısıtlama veya çekince olmaksızın, münhasıran, burada akdedilen ya da BOACOMPRA tarafından erişime açılan Hizmetler’in kötüye kullanımından sorumlu olduğunu ve özellikle Madde 6’da kabul edilen yükümlülüklere aykırılıktan doğabilecek olan kayıp ve zararlardan sorumluluğu ile bir internet kullanıcısı olarak yaptığı eylem ve işlemlerden doğan tüm teminatlar ve yükümlülüklerden sorumlu olacağını kabul etmektedir.
      1. BOACOMBRA burada akdedilen Hizmetler’in kullanımında KULLANICI tarafından üçüncü kişilere aktarılan, yayılan ya da sunulan içerikleri kontrol etmemektedir. Ancak, şayet BOACOMPRA KULLANICI’nın işbu Sözleşme hükümlerine aykırı düşen bir işlem ve/veya yöntemi tespit eder veya bundan haberdar olursa, kendi takdirine göre, SÖZLEŞİLEN PLANI DERHAL ASKIYA ALACAK VE/VEYA İPTAL EDECEKTİR.
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    2. BOACOMPRA işbu Sözleşme’yi Sözleşme süresi boyunca her zaman için önceden KULLANICI’ya gönderilecek yazılı bir bildirimle feshedebilecektir.
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    5. Hesap’ın kullanılmaması Sözleşme’nin kendiliğinden feshini ifade etmez, böyle bir durumda KULLANICI Hizmetler dolayısıyla gerçekleşecek olağan faturalamaya ve söz konusu olması halinde ödeme yapmamanın olası sonuçlarına tabi olmaya devam edecektir.
    1. KULLANICI, ödemeyi [PagSeguro web sitesine] otomatik yönlendirme üzerinden veya BOACOMPRA tarafından kabul edilen başka bir yöntemle yapmayı tercih ederse bilgi temini bu web sitelerinin gereksinimlerine göre, örneğin Hizmet Günlüğü, üye girişi, şifre ve kişisel verileri içerebilecek şekilde yapılacaktır.
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      6. Ürünlerin geliştiricilerinin sözleşmeden doğan ya da yasal yükümlülüklerinin ihlali; ve
      7. Ürün’ün geliştiricisi/dağıtımcısı tarafından iade hizmetinin sunulması halinde yalnızca kolaylaştıran sıfatıyla hareket ederek; KULLANICI’ya, KULLANICI’nın e-ticaret işlemlerine tabi ürün ve hizmetlere ilişkin şikâyetler çerçevesinde verilen iade, geri ödeme ya da tazminat ödemesi bedelleri.
    1. BOACOMPRA tarafından sunulan diğer ödeme seçeneklerine halel gelmeksizin elde edebileceğiniz Gold Kredileri’ni kullanarak Ürünler’i satın alabilirsiniz.
    2. Bir Hesap üzerinden 500 (beş yüz) Gold’un katları olan bazı meblağları Altın Kredisi olarak yükleyebilirsiniz.
    3. Gold Kredileri ile Ürünler’in mal ve hizmetlerini satın alırken bunlar hesabınızdan düşülecektir. Ayrıca üçüncü kişilerden değişim ara yüzünde belirtilen sınırlamalara uygun olarak Gold Kredisi alabilir ve gönderebilirsiniz.
    4. Gold Kredisi üç farklı şekilde satın alınabilir: (i) doğrudan Site üzerinden, (ii) yetkili ortakların kartları üzerinden veya (iii) yetkili perakendecilerden, ki bu durumda Gold Kredileri kullanıcılara (e-PIN olarak da bilinen) güvenlik kodları aracılığıyla sağlanır.
    5. KULLANICI Gold Kredisi kullanımı hakkında aşağıdaki koşulları kabul etmektedir:
      • KULLANICI Gold Kredisi satamaz. Gold Kredisi’nin kullanımı, Ürünler üzerindeki mal ve hizmetlerinin satın alımı veya ticari amaçlar için olmaması şartıyla madde 13.3 ile uyumlu olarak üçüncü kişilere devri için sınırlandırılmıştır; ve
      • Gold Kredisi yalnızca satın alınan ülkede kullanılabilir. Buna karşılık, Kullanıcılar, BOACOMPRA tarafından sunulan hizmetler ve satın alımlarda kullanmak için ilgili Gold’un çıkış ülkesi ile sınırlı olacaklarının farkında olarak, farklı ülkeler arasında Gold transferi yapabilirler.
    6. BOACOMPRA KULLANICI’ya hiçbir koşulda doğrudan Hizmet Günlüğü’nde yer alan kredi bedeline denk nakit ödemesi yapmayacaktır.
    1. İşbu Sözleşme gayrikabili rücu olarak akdedilmiş olup taraflar, mirasçıları ve yetkili halefleri nezdinde bağlayıcı olacaktır.
    2. Halin icabına göre erişkin olmayan KULLANICILAR’ın velileri veya vasileri, KULLANICI tarafından işbu Sözleşme dairesindeki Hizmetler’in kullanımında gerçekleştirilen ve üçüncü kişilere zarar verebilecek eylemlerden, hukuken yasaklanmış uygulamalardan ve Sözleşme hükümlerinden sorumlu olacaktır.
    3. Taraflardan birinin, Sözleşme hüküm ve Maddelerini kısmen veya tamamen, bir kereliğine veya defaten ihlal etmesi, usulen, yenileme (tecdid), feragat, tesis, işlem, indirim ve/veya denkleştirme olarak yorumlanamayacak ve ayrıca karşı tarafın her zaman için sözleşmeden doğan yükümlülüklere uyum zorunluluğunu ortadan kaldırmayacaktır.
    4. İşbu Sözleşme Brezilya hukukuna tabi olacaktır.
    5. Bu sözleşmenin hükümleri dairesindeki hak ve yükümlülükler KULLANICI tarafından devredilemez, aksi durumda BOACOMPRA her hangi bir bedel ödemeden işbu Sözleşme’yi feshedebilir. Diğer taraftan, BOACOMPRA her zaman için işbu Sözleşme’yi devredebilir.
    6. KULLANICI, BOACOMPRA’nın veri tabanına kayıtlı cep telefonu numarasına BOACOMPRA’nın işbu Sözleşme’nin konusuna ilişkin bilgiler ve belirli iletişimler ve/veya BOACOMPRA tarafından sunulan Hizmet ve Teklifler hakkında kısa mesaj (SMS) ve e-posta göndereceğini açıkça kabul eder.
    7. KULLANICI aşağıdaki hususları tüm hukuki amaçlar dâhilinde beyan ve taahhüt etmektedir:
      • KULLANICI, işbu Sözleşme’yi akdetmek için gerekli hukuki ehliyete sahiptir;
      • KULLANICI, kararlaştırılan Hizmetlerin kullanımı hususunda mali olarak sorumludur VE İŞBU SÖZLEŞME’DEN DOĞAN ÖDEME, GİDER VE MASRAFLARI KARŞILAMAK İÇİN GEREKLİ MALİ KOŞULLARI HAİZDİR;
      • KULLANICI, işbu Sözleşme’nin taraflar nezdinde uygulanabilir ve bağlayıcı olarak, KULLANICI’NIN BOACOMPRA’NIN ÇAĞRI MERKEZİNE YAPILAN BİR ARAMAYLA MEYDANA GELEN sözlü kabulü ile ya da işbu Sözleşme’nin görüntülenmesinden sonra ortaya çıkan KABUL butonuna tıklamasıyla kurulduğunu kabul eder; ve
      • KULLANICI, işbu Sözleşme’nin tüm hüküm ve koşullarının okunmuş ve mutabık kalmıştır.
    8. İşbu Sözleme hükümleri çerçevesinde web sitesi üzerinden satın alınan oyunlar, ürünler ve/veya hizmetlere ilişkin ödeme hizmetleri aracılığı BOACOMPRA tarafından gerçekleştirilmektedir.
    9. BOACOMPRA her zaman için kendi takdiri dâhilinde önceden müzakere edilen koşulları değiştirecek revizyonlar söz konusu olduğunda KULLANICI’yı e-posta ya da diğer elektronik yöntemlerle bilgilendirerek işbu Sözleşme’yi tadil etme, hüküm ve şart ekleme veya çıkarma hakkını saklı tutmaktadır. KULLANICI’nın kabul etmemesi durumunda KULLANICI Sözleşme’yi iletişimin alınmasını izleyen 30 (otuz) gün içinde bedelsiz olarak feshedebilir.
      1. Benzer şekilde, BOACOMPRA, kendisi veya üçüncü taraflarca sağlanan Hizmetler’den birini, olanak ve uygulamaları; KULLANICI’ya önceden e-posta veya diğer elektronik araçlar vasıtasıyla bildirimde bulunmak ve işbu Sözleşme’nin ihlaline yol açmamak kaydıyla, kendi takdirine bağlı olarak ve herhangi bir zamanda hem şekil hem de içerik bakımından değiştirme, durdurma, askıya alma haklarını saklı tutar. KULLANICI, bunları kabul etmemesi halinde, bildirimi almasını takip eden otuz (30) gün içinde bedelsiz olarak Sözleşme’yi sona erdirebilir.
    10. İşbu Koşulları kabul etmekle KULLANICI, BOACOMPRA’nın UOL Grubu’nun bir bağlı şirketi olduğunu ve dolayısıyla BOACOMPRA’nın (Gold) Kredisi gibi ürünleri de dahil olmak üzere) UOL’nin UOL ile idari makamlar arasında önceden var olan ya da akdedilebilecek olan taahhütler de dahil kural ve talimatlarına uyma zorunluluğu olduğunu kabul etmektedir.
      1. UOL ile São Paulo Cumhuriyet Savcılığı arasında Kasım 2005’te akdedilen İşbirliği Anlaşması uyarınca UOL, Gizlilik ve Güvenlik Politikası ve işbu Sözleşme hükümlerini yineleyerek, Ürün ve Hizmetlerinin çocuk pornografisi, pedofili, ırkçı içerik, ayrımcı içerik ve yürürlükteki Brezilya hukukuna aykırı düşen içeriklerin aktarımı, yayımı ve tanıtımı için kullanılmaması gerektiğini bildirmektedir.
    11. İşbu Sözleşme Türkçe ve İngilizce olarak imzalanmış olup işbu Sözleşmeden doğan herhangi bir çelişkili durum halinde İngilizce versiyon geçerli kabul edilecektir.
    1. Taraflar işbu Sözleşme’den doğan her türlü uyuşmazlığın çözümü için, her türlü davanın davacısının takdiri çerçevesinde, São Paulo yargı çevresi mahkemeleri’ni ya da KULLANICI’nın ikamet yeri mahkemelerini yetkili kılmıştır.